Sensory Experience of Perception


Experiencing place is a complex multilayered experience. My earliest memories of place are images -- visual prompts that help me recall what I was feeling at the time.  As I grew older I was able to incorporate and to make sense of sonic memories -- noises, what people were saying, music I heard -- also smells, taste, feeling heat or cold.

Visual memories are, however, my primary source of access to my experiences of place. These are overlain by consciously acquired written knowledge

Paris link

Aix en Province

The Mountains of California -- My First Summer in the Sierra, Up and Down California

Coastal California -- Belmont Shore in 1946 and 1947, Two Years Before the Mast, California Coast Trails

New Mexico -- Toddler on the ranch, summers in Santa Fe, Uncle Howell's dude ranch, 'The Lazy Ray' near Jemez Springs, Daybooks of Edward Weston, Taos Moderns, memories of what I saw and experienced

Art is Really Important

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